Sexy Mannequin

Is Sexy Mannequin a licensed online store for adult toys?

Yes, absolutely. Sexy Mannequin is licensed to offer adult toys in the UK. We are an online adult toy shop in the UK, offering a wide range of quality adult toys at affordable prices. We offer 4500 adult toys, such as an anal range, fun and games, and lubricants to choose from and ensure timely and discreet delivery of your order.

What is Best Practice when using an Adult Toy

It is recommended that you are responsible with your adult toys and regularly clean them. Proper cleaning will ensure that there is absolutely no chance of any infection from the adult toys. It is also recommended that you do not share your adult toys as most STIs are passed this way. Additionally, all of our products have been extensively tested and their quality has been ensured, so the only responsibility is to maintain them and regularly clean them as to avoid any complications. We also stock cleaning products so you can find whatever you need with Sexy Mannequin!